5 Downfalls of Inheriting a House in Kansas City

Family packing up an inherited house.

Often, homeowners leave their house to beloved family or friends with the best intentions. Other times, the house gets left to whoever the court says gets it. While it may seem like a windfall when you find out that someone has inherited property, the realities are not always so wonderful. It can be beneficial to understand the problems that could arise for those who get the house, so read on as we explore the five downfalls of inheriting a house.


If you live across the country, distance can cause issues when you’re inheriting a house in Kansas City.

We have seen many executors of estates who live out of the area who have to take several weeks off from work, sometimes multiple times to fly into Kansas City and deal with the house. Cleaning it out takes time, getting it ready to sell takes time, and dealing with other families takes time. Often time that is filled with sadness at loved ones passing and anger and fighting with other heirs when they can’t agree.

We have helped many families through this situation. In most cases, they got together and went through the house because they just didn’t know what mom and dad had hidden away in drawers and closets, one family found all kinds of financial statements to accounts they knew nothing about. We have helped other sellers who didn’t care one bit about anything in the house, leaving everything, except the vintage motorcycle with the house.

When you inherit a house in the KC metro and live out of the area, working with a highly reliable local representative, like the Tuckers is a must. We can provide you with the assistance you need to take care of business, no matter where in the world you are located. We have services that can help you clean out the house and make repairs, or just skip it and leave all the hard parts to us.

Unified Decisions

Several people are often listed together on the will, and inheriting a house can become highly complicated if you cannot agree on the steps to take with the property.

We’ve had to have a contract make the rounds by mail to 20 different people who all needed to sign the contract, which was fine because we had 6 months to work through the probate process. We have had another situation where the sister didn’t trust her brothers to pay her the 1/3 of the proceeds, so we had to work out a way for her to get paid before she signed the closing papers, just to make sure she was satisfied.

What we do know is that when there are several people involved in making decisions, everyone has to agree. To do that you need the facts laid out clearly and concisely so you can compare a hands-off, all-cash, fast closing offer to the costs of doing a little work and then listing the home as-is, or doing a lot of work and listing the home as repaired.

We can help you explore your options, compare timelines and costs, and help you get the best outcome for you and your family.

Clean Out

It can be highly emotional after losing your loved one and finding yourself going through belongings and cleaning out the property when you are inheriting a house. Many people find the experience extremely overwhelming.

One benefit of making a direct sale to someone like us is that our full-service team will clean up the property inside and out. So you can just take what you want and leave the rest to us!


Inheriting a house means inheriting the monthly bills and responsibility for repairs and maintenance, along with any debt legally attached to the property. Unfortunately, few properties come to their beneficiaries in perfect condition. Often the home has fallen into severe disrepair, and overgrowth is now threatening the structure.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you have inherited a home and you want to sell, but not do all the work, give us call. We are legitimate cash buyers with a very transparent process. Just submit your property here on our website to see what we might offer. Costs you nothing and can save you countless hours of work.


In many cases, financial obligations that accompany the property may dictate a fast sale. Cash buyers often try to use this to their advantage, making insultingly low offers. However, you won’t be taken advantage of when working with us. Our offer comes with a guaranteed closing date without any pressure. Plus we have the flexibility to set the closing date around your schedule to make the sale as convenient as possible for you.

Are you inheriting a house and unsure about the next step? Reach out and will answer any questions or concerns to help you reach a consensus on an educated decision, with no obligation. Get started today, and submit your property with our form.

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