5 Questions to Ask a Home Buyer When They Are Making an Offer for Your House in Lees Summit

When you take on the role of selling your home, the questions you ask your buyer can guide you to the most positive and profitable experience. You can narrow down the best offers and focus on the best candidate with these five questions to ask a home buyer when making an offer for your house in [market_city].

Have an Agent?

When a buyer makes an offer for your house in [market_city], you should be sure to ask whether or not they’re working with an agent.

If they are, then you may want to have that agent present and accounted for when you show the house and talk numbers. The agent is due a commission, even if you and your prospective buyer get it all worked out yourself.

If they are not, then you need to make sure you complete your due diligence and make sure they can qualify to buy your house or if they are just looky-loos.

Now if they are a professional home buyer, they probably will not have an agent, but it is still important to make sure that they have the funding ready to go to back up any offers they make on your house.


Another question for buyers, when they’re making an offer for your house, is if they’re pre-approved. If they are, they should be able to provide you with a letter from their lender.

Now when you sell directly to a professional investor like Scott Tucker or Kim Tucker or Don Tucker at kcmoHomeBuyer, we are cash buyers. We often buy houses with our own cash, and when that is all in use, we have several other partners with cash waiting to help us buy. We can back up all of our offers with a bank statement or a letter of funds from our partners.

We’re your neighbors here in [market_city]; we care about our community and its people. We here at [company] are fully transparent because we want what is best for your circumstances and for you to feel good about the deal long after the closing.


Another question to ask a home buyer when they are making an offer for your house is what type of loan they’re seeking. Each has its qualifying conditions, meaning hoops for you as the seller to jump through for your buyers.

To give you an example: We were selling a house once upon a time where the previous owner had been trying to fix it up. It had been built in the 1920s and it needed all new everything. So the previous owner had removed all the fixtures in the bathrooms and the kitchens. They were big empty rooms with no cabinets, no counters, no sinks, no nothing, just a room with 4 walls with some pipes sticking out of them. Also, the heat was nonfunctional. We were attempting to sell this home to a buyer who kept sending us their pre-approval letter.

This buyer was preapproved to buy a home to live in, but their lender was only going to lend on a livable home, they were not willing to lend on a house that needed major repairs and not one that had no bathroom, no kitchen or no heat. So, if your house needs major repairs, making sure the buyer is preapproved for a renovation-type loan is vital.

The other issue that might come up for the average seller is how long they have owned the home. If you just purchased the house in the last month or two or the home was recently deeded to you, some lenders will not make a loan because you have not owned the home long enough in their eyes to sell it. But that probably would not affect 95 percent of the people reading this.

Then there are buyers like us who are using cash, so there’s no need to worry about loan underwriters’ red tape and delays.


You should discuss any contingencies buyers may ask for when they’re making an offer for your house]. For example, if they need to sell their existing home first, saying their deal is successful, you’ll be stuck paying the monthly expenses as time passes. On the other hand, selling your house is easy when you sell directly to a professional buyer like the Tuckers at kcmoHomeBuyer you save time and money because we buy your house as-is and eliminate the stress of negotiations

Closing Date?

Another question to ask a home buyer when they are making an offer for your house in [market_city] is the timeline they envision. Some buyers have hurdles that they must overcome before they can close, which may cause delays, such as waiting for gift money they’ll have available in 90 days.

When you sell to us, let us know about your plans, and we’ll work with you to set the closing date at the most convenient time for your move. We can buy, next week, next month, we’ve even bought 2 years later.

We are happy to help you with the questions to ask a home buyer when they are making an offer for your house here in the Kansas City Metro. Give us a call or submit your property here online and see the difference for yourself. At kcmoHomeBuyer, we understand selling your home can be overwhelming, and you may have problems you feel are standing in your way. Talk to a legitimate house buyer who can help resolve your troubles and will answer your questions, explaining the process step by step. Get started.


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