7 Instances In Which A Direct Sale Of Your Overland Park House Makes More Sense Than A Listing

When a Direct Sale of Your House Makes More Sense

There are many situations in which a direct sale of your house in Overland Park makes more sense than a traditional listing. Find out what they are in our latest post!

Do you want to sell your house in Overland Park? If so, have you considered all of the selling options available to you? Oftentimes, people disregard selling to an investor because they believe that listing is the best way to sell. However, in many situations, selling directly will be more beneficial for the homeowner. Below we list just a few of the occurrences in which a home seller may be better off avoiding the Overland Park MLS!

You Inherited An Unwanted House

When people inherit a home, it isn’t always expected. They don’t always have the time to consider probate costs, repair costs, or suddenly have to be responsible for the taxes and mortgage. When someone inherits a house, especially one they don’t wish to keep, a direct sale can be a fast way to quickly liquidate the property and avoid having to spend too much on it.

We have bought quite a few homes that people have inherited.  Some live locally and others live out of state and have only a short time frame to deal with the house.  What they all had in common was a desire to get the process completed quickly so they didn’t have a drain on their own time and many didn’t want to spend the time going through all the memories packed away in the house.

You Can’t Afford The Repairs

If a house needs a lot of repairs, it doesn’t usually make sense to spend a lot of money trying to fix it before putting it on the MLS. Repair costs can snowball and if you try to fix everything and list it you could find yourself out a good amount of money upfront. If you can’t afford the repairs and you need a fast and fair way to sell your Overland Park house, working with the Tuckers can be the most beneficial option for you.

We work with sellers that fall into three categories here.  The first seller goes out and spends time getting bids to make the repairs and find that the cost to replace that roof or repair that foundation can be in the thousands of dollars.  Thousands that they just don’t have to spend on the house.  The second seller goes out and makes repairs hires someone to do the repairs and either gets poor quality work or gets taken to the cleaners by the contractor resulting in the money being spent and the repairs needing to be redone.  The third seller is the D.I.Y. seller who figures to save a buck or two they could do some painting, install some light fixtures and be done.  What we find is that the average person, ourselves included, are not painters, and really should not be doing home renovation projects.  The result is either a 1/2 completed project or a poorly completed project.

So rather than wasting time and money, call us before you buy a single paintbrush.

Your Investment Property Isn’t Paying Off

Not every investment is a good one. Both novice and seasoned investors can find themselves stuck with a property they wish they hadn’t bought. Maybe the property isn’t attracting good tenants and you’re tired of chasing rent. Maybe the house seems to need one repair after another, causing you to go into the red when looking at your financials for the property. No matter what the issue is with the house, the longer you hang onto it, the more money you are losing.

We’ve bought quite a few of these over the years.  Most are vacant and in need of major renovation after the tenant had been evicted and caused major damage before they were removed from the property.

You Found A Better Opportunity

When a homeowner finds another property that is better suited for them, a direct sale will allow them to close right away, liquidating the old property and allowing them to purchase another. Don’t miss out on the perfect property because you decide to list your current house and aren’t able to sell in time.

We get it, you start looking for a new home, either to buy something or to build something, but first, the house you have must be sold.  We have worked with a few who timed their sale to us so they closed on the sale and 10 minutes later closed on their purchase, allowing them to move into a better home for them.

You’re Worried About Foreclosure

If you think the bank is about to foreclose, it’s in your best interest to sell your house as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is the bank to take your home with nothing to show for it. Your credit will be damaged and after everything you’ve paid toward the house over the years, you will walk away with nothing. Selling your house to a direct buyer such as kcmoHomeBuyer will ensure you can sell the house quickly while still getting a great price for it. A fast sale of your Overland Park house will stop the bank and save you from the headaches and hassles of foreclosure.

You Are Getting Divorced

While every situation is different, oftentimes an ex-husband and wife aren’t thrilled to have to work together to sell a shared property. Problems from within the relationship can spill over and affect their ability to sell the house. By working with a direct buyer, the former couple will receive a fair price and be able to close in a matter of days as opposed to months down the road. They will be able to put things behind them more quickly so they can move on.

Learn more about how a direct sale of your house in Overland Park will benefit you! Contact us today for more information!


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