The Retaining Wall House on 62nd Court in Kansas City Missouri

Do you need to sell a house that needs a retaining wall, but you are waiting until you get things “fixed up”? Many of the sellers we talk to want to sell, but they have been told that until they make the necessary repairs they just can’t sell it. This could not be further from the truth.

The Retaining Wall House

This one we found listed by a Realtor on the MLS. We don’t know the seller’s story. We do know that the retaining wall across the back of the yard was falling down and it cost us about $20,000 to get it repaired.

We bought the house below over at 12713 E 62nd Court in Kansas City Missouri. Here we had your typical repairs: replace the roof, replace the furnace and air, paint inside and out, replace the carpeting, etc. But we had an unusual repair in that we had to replace most of the driveway, and many of the sidewalks, rebuild the deck and we had to rebuild the back yard as the railroad tie retaining wall was sliding down the hill.

We had to remove the old wall and we replaced it with those giant concrete blocks that are used in retaining walls.

We had to jack out much of the concrete in the driveways and sidewalks and repour them.

We had to remove and rebuild the deck.

All of these items seemed to be a theme for many of the houses in the area. But man the houses were beautiful, just a bit dated and because they were in Kansas City Missouri where the kids would go to Raytown schools, they were in high demand.

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