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The Tuckers here at kcmoHomebuyer have been busy. In November Donald and Kim attended training to become Certified Home Buyers and just last week Scott attended the latest class and now, we can say that we are all Mom’s House Certified Buyers.

While we have been buying houses “as-is” in the Kansas City Metro since 2000 and listing a few homes “as-is” when the situation called for it, we have been able to help 100s of home sellers. But we wanted to be better buyers for our sellers and be better resources for our sellers on things like getting the home cleaned out, helping seniors transition into a caring community, figuring out how to pay for care, and all the things that come with helping families solve problems for Mom or Dad.

Along with becoming certified buyers, we are also Certified Senior Transition Specialists, really they are the same certification and the same training. But one deals with the house and the other with being a good resource for our sellers.

We are working on several projects at this time to better serve our sellers:

  1. We are co-authoring a book “Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care.”
  2. We are building a resource website focusing on Senior Housing Transition for the Kansas City Metro Area with resources of information and to providers.
  3. We are reaching out to the community to add people to our resources pages.

Right now within this website, we have the following with more to come on the new resource website.

  • Attorneys that specialize in Elder Care and Probate
  • Companies that specialize in Estate Sales, Auctions, and otherwise help you clean out the house.

And we have also had a couple of other certifications for a while.

Kim has been a licensed Realtor with the National Association of Realtors since 2000 and Scott has been a licensed Realtor since 2011.

And kcmoHomeBuyer has been on the Top 10 Cash Buyer List with Blogger Local since at least 2015, if not before.


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