Donald Tucker Rehab: Review of the Garage in Prairie Village at

Thanks so much for sticking with us and checking out our videos in our Donald Tucker Rehab House in Prairie Village. Today Don goes over his plans in the garage.

Did we tell you that this was our first digital camera and we didn’t know what we were doing?

Anyway, in this assessment, we had a one-car garage off the dining room. It was not finished, meaning while there was siding on the outside of the garage, there was no drywall on the walls and ceiling. Just the framing that would hold up the drywall.

While they finish garages today and add insulation for heating and safety, it was not common with most homes built in Prairie Village.

Keep in mind that this was way back in 2010. And we were rebuilding the entire house. The garage was one area that was not in that bad a shape, so we didn’t do much to it at the time. Clean it up, new garage door and garage door opener. But that was it.

Today, the garage would probably have been drywalled and insulated too.

Checkback next week for the next installment on this Prairie Village home where we replaced the full roof and gutters, plus all the windows, the doors and the siding. If you have a home that needs this much work, and you just don’t want to spend the time or the money, another option is to sell the home.


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