Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters in Kansas City

Your kids are all grown up and have started their lives outside of your home. You must be feeling a sense of relief you were longing for when they were kids! After a while, what once was a crowded house might start to seem like an ample space that is difficult to maintain. So, if you’re considering selling your home in Kansas City and moving to a smaller one, you’ve come to the right place. This article will share the best downsizing tips for empty nesters.

The list of downsizing tips for empty nesters

Downsizing is a significant decision, and it indeed requires a lot of thought. Luckily, there are ways to do it efficiently and successfully. Once you’re done, you will be able to free up your funds and move to an upgraded location or even help your children build a home.

With that said, let’s dive into the valuable tips and help you get closer to living in a cozy, decluttered, easy-maintenance home.

Start early

Even though you might not be facing retirement any time soon, it is helpful to consider your options. The whole process of selling your current home, finding a more suitable one, decluttering decades of stuff, etc., takes a lot of time and energy.

Therefore, it’s a wise move to find out the worth of your current home. The next step would be to research potential locations and determine how much the properties cost in those areas. Also, don’t forget to talk to your friends and family about this big decision. They might know someone who can help you find the perfect place.

Is building or buying a new home the right choice for you?

When downsizing, many empty nesters tend to go for pre-built homes. However, it’s worth considering building one as an alternative.

This is an option worth considering because our bodies lose mobility with age. So, if you are looking into ideas for downsizing after your kids have moved out, having an ergonomic floor plan and a custom-built home will go a long way.

Declutter in advance

It is incredible how much stuff we can accumulate over the years. So, this would be an excellent time to start getting rid of unnecessary things. You won’t need to spare as much time packing and unpacking by doing it well in advance. Instead, you will start with a clean slate.

While this process might be somewhat emotional, it’s essential to look at your belongings objectively. Try to sort your things in the following way:

  1. trash
  2. keep
  3. sell
  4. donate

Consider renting storage space

With cleaning and decluttering comes the question of storage. Storage is a significant factor to consider if you are looking to downsize.

While on the mission to declutter your home, you will come across some old furniture, clothes, memorabilia, and many other things you hold dear but use very rarely. Putting those aside in a storage unit will help you start lightly at your new home without getting rid of your precious belongings. So, store your items with ease and pick them up when needed. Only this way will you be able to live in a clutter-free space and have a more organized life.

Renting a storage unit is essential if you are trying to downsize.

Choose your location carefully

If you are looking for downsizing tips for empty nesters, you’ve probably considered
relocating to a couple of different places. Take some time and think about the area you
currently live in. Then, decide what you love and hate about it. 
Additionally, if you haven’t found a dream place for retirement, it would be good to answer
some of the following questions.

  • Where can you afford to live?
  • Would you like an urban environment or one that’s quieter?
  • What kind of community makes you feel at home?
  • Who do you want to be close to?
  • What amenities do you want to have nearby?
  • Are there any emergency services close by?

Consider the amenities nearby

When choosing a place for your new home, consider the amenities you want to have close by. This is something that varies depending on a person’s needs. However, we can divide the amenities into three main categories:

  1. HEALTHCARE (GP, chiropractor, specialized care centers, dentist);
  2. SPORTS (yoga studio, gym, swimming pool, park);
  3. SOCIAL (restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, cinemas).

Don’t underestimate your feelings

It’s essential to think about the things you love about your current neighborhood. This is what makes you feel happy. Therefore, it would be preferable for your next home to have the same or similar features and vibes.

This could include long, calm strolls through different parks or the city rush with numerous options for staying active and occupied. So, even though you’re downsizing, don’t forget to think about what makes you content and what you want your new neighborhood to have.

Get assistance

Finally, everyone could use some help when moving, no matter the age. This would be the perfect opportunity to ask your children, family, and friends for assistance. This way, you will all spend some quality time together and say your goodbyes to the home you spent decades in. Additionally, you will have the emotional support of your loved ones when starting fresh.

If for some reason, getting help from your loved ones isn’t an option, you can always hire a full-service moving company to manage all the tasks for you.

The takeaway from downsizing tips for empty nesters

As you can see by now, downsizing tips for empty nesters consider both the practical and emotional side of the story. However, the main takeaway is to observe this as a transitional process and not an overnight one.

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