Get Help Selling an Inherited Home in Overland Park

It can be tough when a loved one passes away and you are left with cleaning up their affairs.
Jeanie T was in that situation a few months ago.  She was able to Get Help Selling an Inherited Overland Park Home.

Is selling to a cash buyer when you inherited a home in Overland Park right for you? Will it save you time and money? In this post, we will review how a recent transaction worked for a nice lady who had just inherited her father’s Home in Overland Park.

kcmoHomeBuyer, purchases an Inherited Overland Park Home.

Jeanie’s father had passed away with no will. She had to go to the court so they would name her administrator and after, that she didn’t know who to call or what to do.

While doing a little research online, she found kcmoHomeBuyer and found our tips:

– Cleaning out the house . . . or not
– Dealing with maintaining a vacant house while you get it sold
– Deciding on going the traditional Realtor sale route or just selling right now for cash.

Jeanie called and talked to Scott Tucker with kcmoHome Buyer and he met her at her father’s house. She says “He was very sincere and helpful.I was pleased with his offer and as they say, the rest is history.”

Scott made her an all-cash offer that eliminated a lot of things for her

– cleaning out the house and the time involved there, she was able to take the items she wanted and leave the rest for kcmoHomeBuyer to deal with.

– fixing, repairing, and staging the home to list it with a Realtor, again time and money Jeanie did not want to spend.

– the time and costs of holding a vacant house including higher insurance costs, utilities on an empty house, maintaining the yard, and driving over to check on it regularly.

– six to eight percent real estate commission and the typical three to five percent in buyer costs that quite often the seller pays for.

Jeanie was able to take a cash offer and close in a couple of weeks, no more dealing with or worrying about her father’s house. She says “If you need to sell, no matter the situation, please don’t hesitate to call Scott at kcmoHomeBuyer!”


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