How To Sell Your House to an Investor

Sell Your House in [Market_City] to an Investor Buyer

We take the hassle out of selling a house by allowing the seller to skip all the repairs, cleaning, and showings. And we eliminate the worry over when it will sell, requested repairs, renegotiations, appraisals, and finally have it all done.

Before we proceed, we do want to let you know that this is how the Tuckers work here at kcmoHomeBuyer. However, not all investor buyers are created equal and we have a blog post to explain

How The Process Works

Step 1Tell us about your property – Quick, Easy & Free!

Step 2If it meets our buying criteria, we’ll contact you to set up a quick appointment

Step 3We’ll present you with a fair written, no-obligation offer

Step 4We close at a local reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as 10 days**

Step One: Tell Us About Your House

All this takes is a simple phone call or fill out a short online form. We ask some basic things like your name and how to get in touch with you, a bit about the house, and when you want to sell.

Step Two: Does it Meet Our Criteria

This is not overly hard as about 90% of all houses would meet our criteria.

  • Is it in the Kansas City Metro Area?
  • Does it have more than two bedrooms or could it have more than two bedrooms?
  • Was it built after 1930?
  • Does it need some repairs?

And that last one, needing repairs, well that is not mandatory. We buy houses that need no repairs or updates, we just find that typically the properties we do end up purchasing need repairs.

So, chances are it does meet our criteria. If it does not, tell us about it anyway, we might be able to help connect you with the right person to buy your house.

Setting the Appointment

Now there are a lot of buyers out there that will make you an offer directly from your simple phone call or form. And we can do that. However, we prefer to come out and look at your property so we can make you a solid, firm, offer. Those companies that will make you an offer sight unseen often waste your time as they change their offer to a much lower offer after walking through your house or back out altogether, leaving you back where you started.

We are not an automated buyer that purchases properties based on some computer-generated number. We are local home buyers who are making our offers on houses, condos, townhouses, and rental property across the Kansas City Metro. We physically walk through your house so we can make you a firm fair offer that will not be lowered later due to inspections, appraisals, or any fees.

We are also licensed real estate agents, which means that we have a tool available to make sure you get your home sold with one phone call.

Why waste time, call us first!

Step Three a Fair Offer

So what does a fair offer mean?

This means we take a look at several different factors to make you a fair offer that we can stand behind.

Comparable Values:

We review other homes in your neighborhood to determine what has sold in the past 6 months to a year to see what they sold for and for those that have not yet sold, what the asking price is. We also review to make sure we have homes that are the most similar in style and size. We want to see what all renovated homes are selling for and what renovations have been made. We want to see what average homes are selling for and what repairs and updates they have or they lack. And we also want to see what fixer-upper homes are selling for and just how many repairs they need.

Repairs Needed:

After we determined the after-repair value or the value we think it would sell for all fixed up. We then look at what needs to be fixed to bring your home up to that repaired value. Then we calculate the repair costs involved. Sometimes that is not all that much, but quite often it is quite expensive, especially when the current owner has not made any repairs or updates in the last 10 to 20 years. Plus the cost of materials and labor has increased over the past two years with COVID, people retiring out of the building trades, and supply chain issues.

Holding & Selling Costs:

We also look at all the holding costs we will have while we fix up the house and get it ready to resell or rent. We have to pay for things like utilities, basic yard maintenance, taxes, and insurance. We have all the same holding costs that you do as a homeowner. We also look at what it will cost us to sell the house, which is pretty much the same selling costs that you do as a home seller.

Seller Reviews

We must have done something right to be named on the Blogger Local’s Top 10 List of Cash Home Buyers in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Last we checked we were still on the list. But don’t take their word, see a few reviews from some of our sellers. You can also see our review page on Google and our Realtor Scott’s reviews on Zillow.


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