Is It Time to Sell and Move to Assisted Living? 3 Signs It Is

Guest Video Blog Above from Gene Guarino and the Residential Assisted Living Academy

In today’s guest blog, Gene Guarino shares the 3 Main Signs it’s Time to Move to Assisted Living

Number 1:  Some Triggering Event

Maybe they fell and the doctors say they could fall again and if they do, who’s going to be there in the home to see it and pick them up or bring them in or call 911.  There may be issues that affect their mobility creating other home activities that they just can’t do. It may mean that they are to the point where they need a cane, a walker or even a wheelchair.

Number 2:  They’re Lonely

They’re at home, alone, and they’re not engaged anymore. If they’re all alone at home, what’s going to stimulate them? They need to be engaged and just need to do something where they’re part of a community. But if they’re quieter, they’re staying in, they don’t leave the house anymore. That turns into social constriction and isolation.

Number 3:  Can’t Meet Their Own Needs

When it comes to medication, are they forgetting to take it or taking too much? Food, they forget to eat, or they eat and forget they eat and eat again. And taking care of themselves, they aren’t bathing or washing their clothes. Those kinds of personal functions are what we call activities of daily living. When they start to need help with those things, well you know that it’s getting close to time.

Be sure to engage your loved one and visit and when you start to notice these signs, it may be time to make a change.  That may mean moving in with other families.  Or a senior living community.  Maybe assisted living, it all depends on their needs.

In all of these cases, you may also need to help your loved one sell a home.  We can offer referrals to Realtors or a cash offer.  Contact us today for an option!


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