Make Sure Your Contractor Can Pull Permits at the Prairie Village Rehab

I know we said we were going to blog the rehab with videos and pics as we go.

The Ability to Pull Permits Slows Us Down

We know how to rehab.  But video is a whole new ball game and we are still figuring that out.  We have some great before shots we want to share, but we are still working on getting them to work right online.

Our first rehab project in Prairie Village.

We have rehabbed all over Jackson County from State Line to Blue Springs. Liberty to Raymore. We have renovated a few homes in Johnson County. But when we started pulling the required permits, it caused a major delay. Prairie Village has a bit different rules.

First this house is in Johnson County where most cities require some kind of permit.  But in Prairie Village you have to be licensed in that city. 

Further, while each one of our contractors we were using could pull a permit for their particular work, they city didn’t want to issue permits individually for the roof, HVAC, plumbing, siding, etc.  They wanted one permit for everything pulled by a General Contractor  who was licensed in Praiire Village.

Our contractor has a General Contractor License, but not in Johnson County so he could not pull the permits.  So we had to find a different General Contractor to “over see” the project and pull the permits.  Finding this GC caused a 2 day delay.

Last we had to submit our plans for all work to the get our permit. Those plans have to be approved, so we are just waiting out that time and we are not entirely sure how long this will take.  Maybe next week we can start.

PV did allow one sub to pull their own permit and that was the roofer.  It should start tomorrow. 

Scope out the Permitting Process Early

If you plan to rehab in any city in the country, be sure to call up the local building codes supervisor and find out all the ins and outs of permits. Make sure the contractors you are using are pulling the correct permits for everything.

And by knowing the rules early, you can start the process sooner, so you can hit the ground running on your schedule with no delays.


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