Nightmare Home Renovation Stories

Ask just about anyone who has lived through a major home repair or remodel and you will more than likely get a . . .

Nightmare Home Renovation Story

Our Friends Kitchen On Order for Months

Just last night at our real estate investor meeting, one of our fellow investors was telling us all about his new kitchen that’s coming into his home renovation.  You see about 3 months ago when the job started, the contractor worked with him to order cabinets and started a demo of the kitchen.  Here it is three months later and the kitchen is still sitting and waiting, the hold-up, the kitchen cabinets, which were manufactured overseas are not here yet and with the current worldwide health issues, they have not estimated the time of arrival on the cabinets.  So they continue to use a little single burner in their makeshift kitchen in the basement.

The House That Flooded

We can share with you a house we bought just last year in Overland Park.  The day after closing, the sump pump stopped working, and the heavy rain started.  We had to hold off on our entire update of the home and add $15,000 in repairs to demo the basement and fix the flood damage, an extra expense that was not in the budget.  That sump pump could have very easily stopped working for the previous owner and flooded the house while they were trying to find a buyer just a few weeks earlier.

The Contractor that Bought Christmas Presents Instead of Materials

We had the guy who was going to make repairs to the foundation, he needed 1/2 down before he started so he could buy the very expensive materials.  After he got the 1/2 down, he never showed up to do the work.  It seems that 1/2 down fixed his car and bought Christmas presents.  We were able to work through that, but it took over a month in delays.

The Leaky Tub

Then there was the time last year when we were working on a rehab project and had a lot of the finishes done. New floors installed, walls painted, ceilings finished, light fixtures in.  We decided to test the waterworks going to the tub and the next thing we knew, water was coming out of the light fixtures down below.  Damaging ceilings, walls, and floors.  Plus we had to fix the problem causing the water to escape from the plumbing.

What Will Your Story Cost You

Note, every one of the stories above, except maybe our friend waiting on cabinets that are on a slow boat from China was worked out in time.  But everyone cost extra time and extra money, and we are professionals who renovate 5 to 10 houses or more every year.  Imagine this being your one home remodel in your lifetime.

We highly recommend if you are going to undertake a home remodeling project, be sure to seek out expert advice on who to trust, who to hire, and what needs to be done.  Or skip all the repairs and just sell the home “as-is”, which means you sell it without making a single repair.  Here at kcmoHomeBuyer, we are always looking for a new project to put our team to work on.  Most of the time they work out.  So if you have a home to sell, just fill out one of the forms or give us a call.

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