Our First Year as Home Rehabbers in Kansas City

This house is where we saw a total transformation. We were just getting started and didn’t know quite what we could do. This house was in rough condition. Everything was about 80 years old, worn out and broken . . on the inside and the outside.

One of Our First Projects at Home Rehabbers

Way back in 2002, we were just getting our feet wet as Home Rehabbers. We had been in business for a little over 2 years and had only fixed up a couple of homes. We bought this old house off East 67th Street and put our contractors to the test. They must have done a great job because they went on to renovate 100s of houses for us. Our original contractor for this house now does high-end renovations and rebuilds at the Lake of the Ozarks and the run fetch and carry boy from that original crew . . . he owns his own company and does a lot of our projects for us still.

Some Before and After Shots from back then:

the old house on E 67th Street before and after outside.

The outside of this house had not seen a coat of paint in many many years. The roof leaked like it was not there and the windows were shot. There was no garage door.

The kitchen on this home was gutted. There were no fixtures of any kind other than the ceiling fan which looked very questionable.

This was the very first house where we encountered this pass-through area between the kitchen and the dining room. A “Butler’s Pantry we believe is what it is called. We were lucky that this one was for the most part in good condition and so we just opened the doorway more to make it a part of the kitchen.

The bathroom was a disaster with the floor so rotted around the toilet that we were afraid it might fall through, but with new plumbing and subfloor, plus all-new bathroom fixtures, it was as good as new.

Do you have a 100-year-old Kansas City Metro Area House that has seen its better days that you just no longer want to deal with? Fill out the form to start the process. We would love to take a look and see if we might be able to transform it as we did this one on 67th Street.

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