Prairie Village Rehab: Replacing the Siding

Why We Looked at Replacing the Siding

We’re not sure of the age on this siding, but we’re positive it needs to be replaced.

If you looked at the front photos from earlier post you noticed the faded pink shutters that we don’t think were faded pink originally. And while its not as noticeable with all the mildew with all the mildew, the rest of the siding is fairly faded too.

If we look at the siding in the back (see below) we can see how covered in mold and mildew that it is. In some cases this could be power washed off, but this siding is just not savable.

Previously Replaced Siding

We did a little research and found that the home was renovated in 1999. We think it was replaced then, maybe not. If it was, it was really cheap to have faded so much in 11 years. But maybe it was older.

Observed Issues with the Siding

Watch the video and you will see some big problems:

  1. Faded and Ulgy
  2. It’s falling off, especially around the back of the room addition.
  3. The back side is covered in mold and mildew
  4. Wall underneath in a lot of different areas around windows, walls, sill plates (more in a future video)
  5. Last the house wall under the siding on the room addition needs completely rebuilt.

If it were in decent condition and only missing a strip here or there, we might consider trying to match and replace the missing pieces. But as faded and damaged as it is, there is no matching and no saving this.

Do you see anything else?

Prairie Village Rehab Video Series

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