Qualities of a Top Real Estate Agent | What to Look for in Kansas City

Finding a real estate agent you trust and who you enjoy working with can take a little work. If you’ve bought or sold real estate in the past, you will know that not all agents are created equally. It’s important that you work with one you know and trust, who will work tirelessly to help with your real estate needs. In our latest post, we will outline some of the best qualities of a top agent, #1 of which is to make sure he or she is a Realtor!

Your agent should fill many roles when you go to sell your  Kansas City house: an ally in the sale, confidant to where you need help, counselor to help you solve problems, and advocate on your behalf. just to name a few. There are several personality traits top agents will have in common and other sharp business-savvy skills they should possess. Below, we list some of our favorite traits of a Top Realtor in Kansas City!

Qualities of a Top Realtor | What to Look for in Kansas City


This is a no-brainer, but you will need to know your Realtor is being honest with you at all times. This means sometimes telling you things you might not really want to hear. They should be upfront with you about what they are doing to sell your home and what to expect throughout the entire process.

As we talk to sellers who have tried to sell their home with an agent, who didn’t quite do their job, this is usually one of the biggest failings.  First, the agent, usually a friend or family member, agreed to list the house without much thought and didn’t tell the seller that they were off in price or they needed to do a bit of homework to sell.  Secondly, oftentimes, the agent never provided feedback to see where the problems were.  Honest communication is key between the agent and the seller of a home.

Problem Solver

Your agent should be someone who is quick on their feet. Someone who can handle a last-minute snafu with tact and grace. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done, tacking any problem head-on before it escalates into something bigger.

And to be a problem solver, this can’t be their first listing.  Experienced agents have had all kinds of issues come up and know what to do or who to call to solve the problem.  And sometimes, the honesty comes into play and again tells the buyer or seller things they need to hear.


Your agent should know how to draw people in. Having marketing pieces that make potential buyers want to visit your home is key.  Many agents don’t get how to engage potential buyers.  It all starts with getting to know the property and who the most likely buyers will be.  Then crafting marketing through photos and text that will engage potential buyers and get them in your home.

Attention to Detail

You are paying your agent for a reason. They should have all bases covered. They should tend to things you may not have even thought of. Moving your car out of the driveway for photos, taking down your kid’s diploma during a showing, hiding the trash cans when people view the home… these are all small things, but they have big subconscious effects on your potential buyers.

And in the marketing, we so often sell the listing agent missed the boat and a lot of the details.  They forget to mention key selling points.  They take horrible pictures that do not show off the house and in some cases don’t show anything because there were blurry photos.  When we have sellers call and tell us they tried to sell their house with a real estate agent and we pull up the listing to find bad photos and very little information about the house it is really sad.

This past week we found a beautiful new home that we wanted to go see.  The photos were great.  But there were no directions on how to find the house and because it was new, the address didn’t quite exist on Google Maps yet.  A good agent would have had detailed directions on the listing.  When we finally found the home, we were not able to get in because the agent failed to put a key in the lockbox.  We gave up, now we know one of the reasons why the house has been sitting on the market for a very long time.


A great agent will love what they do. Some people love real estate and they genuinely love the process of helping people buy and sell homes. They are motivated beyond money, and instead simply LOVE being good at what they do.

Here in our office, our team of agents will work hard to sell your house.  They don’t care if it is a $500,000 house or a $5,000 house, they want to market your home to the maximum number of buyers and get it sold as quickly as possible.


Never stop learning is our motto and we believe the same to be true for top agents. They should be abreast of everything going on in the real estate world, especially in your local market.

Look for an agent who not only knows the area where your home is located but also knows how to list your type of home.  You don’t want an agent who just puts the house into MLS and hopes someone else sells it, they need to know how to market your type of home.


They should always be one step ahead of you. They should also gently push you if things need to get done. They know what it takes to sell, and they should work with you to make those things happen.

Some agents will put in little effort and hope for a buyer to come along. This isn’t the strategy of a top agent!

Be Well Connected

Do you know the people that seem to know everyone in town? This should be your real estate agent. The more people they know, the more likely they are to be able to spread the word about your house.

They will also be able to offer great recommendations for cleaning, staging, and repair work.

They Listen

We all know those people who talk over you. The ones with whom you have a conversation, but you know they haven’t heard a word you said.  Each situation is different and a good agent will listen to your needs, goals, and expectations from the sale. It is your house and your voice should not go unheard.

However, you are hiring a professional for a reason, and you should always factor in their opinion when making a decision about your house.

They Have References

Not just selected references, ones they have handpicked. But rather ask them about their most recent 10 or so clients. What would they have to say about the experience? A top agent will have no problem providing references from their most recent clients!  Many agents will have testimonials on their websites but look to their Facebook Page and their Zillow listing to see firsthand what their clients have had to say about them.

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