Seller Tip: Make Sure Your Home Buyer Actually Sees Your House

Having a Local Home Buyer with Experience is Helpful.

Most Americans only sell a house a few times in their lives, so the process can be stressful and confusing. If unexpected problems pop up like unreleased liens or having your buyers back out at the last minute can be overwhelming.

That’s why the personal service that the Tuckers at kcmoHomebuyer provides is so important. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and friends and family of homeowners through a lot of tough situations. We understand what you are going through, probably because we’ve either been there as a seller or we have helped several sellers with the same issues that you may be facing. This makes us highly qualified to help you navigate your selling obstacles. Plus we’re local so you are not dealing with just some voice on the phone.

We have bought a lot of houses from sellers who had initially accepted offers from other buyers who back out at the last minute, or want more time, or want to lower the price. Why? There are usually two reasons:

  • The title company finds liens filed against the property and the buyer has no idea how to resolve the problem, so they back out.
  • The buyer never looked at the property and after they inspect the home, they find the house needs more in repairs than they anticipated and then they want to lower their offer price or back out.

Why You Want Your Buyer to Walk Through the House Before Accepting Their Offer.

For the past few years, there has been a proliferation of informational gurus selling the dream of being a real estate investor. They teach to talk to sellers and make offers, “sight unseen”. These offers are usually fairly close to what the seller is asking. They then ship this house out to several 100 real homebuyers who will want to see the house, and then when they finally want to take a look at the house with the “inspection” a few days before closing, they suddenly find all kinds of repairs that the home might need: Foundation Repairs, Mechanical Repairs, Wear and Tear Repairs.

Then they lower their price or ask you to make the repairs, or just back out. And then you are stuck, you either make the repairs or price change, or you have to start all over.

We Alway Visit Your House

We never make offers without seeing your house first. Kim, Don, or Scott will talk with you on the phone to make sure we think we will be able to help you. Then we schedule a time to walk through the house, in person or sometimes via a virtual tour through your camera phone. Then we assess, what actual repairs need to be made, we then come back to our office and carefully crunch the numbers so we can make you a valid offer that will not change. It will be a fair price, all cash, and it will not change.

And if other issues pop up at the title company, we have worked through a lot of issues over the past 20 years and we can usually come up with a solution that will resolve the problem.

We are Local Home Buyers

Remember: The in-person offer from a real live local home buyer is going to be much stronger than the offer from a buyer who has never seen the proper


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