Skip all the Hassles of Fixing a Toilet in Kansas City

It has been the month for toilet stories and well, I decided to share a few with you while shopping at Home Depot the other day. This is more of an educational article to help you learn from the mistakes of others. And if you have a leaky toilet, PLEASE pay close attention to the first one and don’t wait to fix a toilet in Kansas City.

The Leaky Toilet in Independence

Don was over at his Dad’s house the other day – the one we are working so hard to “get ready” to get sold. He was there to power wash the garage, the driveway, and the front of the house . . . didn’t happen, but that is another story and a few more trips on his part to Independence. Anyway, while he was there he learned that the house next door had been condemned. It seems that the toilet was leaking, quite possibly for a very long time. The floor was absorbing all that leak and over time the floor had rotted and rotted and unfortunately, it had finally given way, while the elderly owner was in the room. The neighbor and her leaky toilet fell through the floor.

Rather than spending about $50 to get the seals replaced or $500 to replace the toilet, it was left to leak for a very long time, until a tragic accident. We understand the neighbor lady was not horribly injured, but she had to move out and now the city has condemned her house.

The moral of this story, watch for leaky toilets. Fixing them as soon as they start can save $100s . . if not $1000s in damage to your house and if they are leaking and constantly refilling, $1000s in water bills.

The Shiny Clean & Broken Toilet in Olathe

Ok, this was a story from a while back. It seems one of my more DIY friends decided to redo the powder room off her kitchen. She drained her toilet bagged it and got it to the garage without much mishap. She completed the redo of her powder room, installed the new flooring, and then took a look at the toilet she had carried out to the garage. Knowing what a new toilet costs and what it would cost to have one installed, somewhere around $500 she took it upon herself to clean the old one, it’s just porcelain right? She scrubbed it all, up, you can imagine a toilet in a house of 8 to 10 for about 15 years, right off the kitchen, so it was well used.

Now armed with her sparkly clean toilet, she needed to carry it back inside to reinstall it. That’s where the problems started, she dropped it, and it broke. Now there is a broken toilet that she has to get rid of and she still has to buy a new one and, this time get help installing it. It seems installing is not all that hard, but picking it up is a bit tough for a woman.

The moral of the story is, that old toilets are heavy. It might be better to replace it than to clean that old toilet.

The Old Toilet with No Home in Kansas City

This one appeared out behind one of our houses. Not sure the story behind it, but obviously a new toilet was acquired and installed. Not wanting to pay to have it hauled away and not liking the looks of old broken toilets in their yard, this homeowner tossed theirs out behind their shed, behind the bush behind the shed, out of their sight. Never mind that the neighbors in the 3 houses behind them have an old broken toilet on full display that they too probably don’t want to see.

The moral of this story is that toilets are not yard art for anyone. We found a great article on things to do with your old toilet.

The Mismatched Toilets at our Latest Rehab Project

Here at kcmoHomeBuyer, Don and Scott have several houses we are working to get ready to sell. Lots of paint, new flooring, refinishing hardwoods, updating bathrooms. One house had old leaky toilets and having to pay someone to make the old ones sparkly clean costs way more than replacing them. So off to Home Depot. Scott started with just two and when he got back to the house, with the toilets and all the other stuff needed, he found that the two he bought, while on the same pile at the store were not the same. Don in his efforts decided we needed to round out the 3 bathrooms with 3 new toilets so he went and got another one, that was yet different than the first two. Good thing you don’t often see two installed toilets, side by side unless you use the lady’s room at the Red Fox at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The moral of this story, is to check your numbers on your boxes because toilets can come preassembled or in parts, they can be tall or short, have round or elongated bowls, and can have flipper handles to flush or push buttons, all of these attachments can vary, and the inside parts can all be different. Check out The Home Depot’s buying guide to toilets.

Avoid all the Hassle

To avoid all the issues that a used toilet in an older home presents: safety, lifting, code violations, or just getting the right one, please hire a professional to make repairs early, it might be cheaper than replacing the toilet or fixing a condemned house. And if you have toilet issues and a whole lot more house issues and just want to sell the house, give us a call. We are not toilet experts, but house buying experts. We can review your whole house, toilet issues and all, and make you an all-cash offer. You make no repairs, you do no cleaning or staging, just take what you want and leave us the rest. Go to closing on the day of your choice and you get paid. Sound enticing? It costs nothing to learn more, just tell us about your house to get started.

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