Solution to selling parents home.

When Mark’s mother passed away, he and his siblings were faced with a big house in need of extensive repairs and updates, full of stuff they didn’t want, that they needed to sell quickly.  They were grateful to find a quick and easy solution to selling their parents home.

This house on Horizon in Blue Springs we actually bought and rehabbed in 2011 and bought it again in 2021.

Mark flew into Kansas City from Alaska and his sister from Arizona to get sort through things and to sell the house.

Everything in the house was quite a mess.  Their parents had accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and with their father passing quite a few years before, their mother had not done a lot in the way of updating the home.  So it was stuck in a 1970’s time warp and packed with stuff.

They were so flexible.  They were willing to close fast, but yet give us time to sort our way through our parents things.

Mark & his siblings had talked to Realtors about selling but found they wanted to move much faster than the standard Realtor time frame. Plus with a tight 2-week schedule, they knew they didn’t want to make repairs and do things like staging.  They wanted everything finished quickly so everyone could fly back to their own lives.  They decided to sell to a cash real estate investor buyer and out of two cash offers, they decided to go with Don Tucker’s offer here at kcmoHomeBuyer.

Because we have been buying houses for so many years, we can view a house and quickly get a cash offer in the hands of the seller so they can make the quick decisions they need.  And with a cash offer in hand, the sellers know they can go to closing in a few days or on their own time schedule.  And if they need advice throughout the process, the team at kcmoHomeBuyer has the expertise to help.

Homeowners need a buyer they can trust, that’s us,” Tucker said. “They don’t need a big national company that just makes a low ball offer.  They want a real person they can talk to, who can help them through the process.  They need someone to help them make the best decision, be it a cash offer from us or maybe going another route. Were here to help and to outline seller’s options.

After closing, the Mark and his family was finally able to put that chapter of their lives to rest.  Then we went to work bringing the house back to life.  Don and his contractors do amazing work and Scott Tucker (Don’s Son) was able to find a new owner to enjoy the home for its next 30 years. (Except 10 years later the new owners called us to buy it back, so we sold it again)

Mark and his siblings sent us a nice email after the home was all renovated and sold:

It was very nice of you to send the pictures of our family home after the remodeling process. When my mother passed away and my brother, sister and I were confronted with trying to sell the home with a real estate agent or sell the home to you it was a difficult decision. With my sister living in Arizona, me in Alaska and my brother the only local resident to manage the affairs it was decided to sell the property to your company. This was the best decision we could have possibly made. Thank you for your professionalism and patience during the difficult times that our family faced. The home looks beautiful and I wish that I did not live so far away and could come take a look at it in person.


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