Using Psychology to Sell Your Home

Using psychology to sell your house in Blue Springs

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure you have everything working in your favor. Depending on your neighborhood, there might be several similar homes on the market, all with similar amenities. If you want to sell your house quickly, it has to stand out and feel special.

In this blog, we will give you…

5 Clever Tips That Use Psychology to Sell Your Home Fast!

1. The Numbers Matter

Do your homework, and know exactly what your home is worth. Setting a specific price will show prospective buyers that you know what you are talking about, and have invested in maintaining the quality of the home. Round numbers can make it seem like you have no idea what you’re doing. “$150k? That sounds about right!”  Instead, work with your agent to determine the optimum asking price for your home and stick to it.

In addition, avoid listing something using a whole mess of 9’s. “Our home is $299,999.99!.” People see through this and can make you seem gimmicky. This isn’t what people are looking for when making such a large purchase.  However, if you picked something like $196,000 it’s a good round number that is not too round.  Also, keep in mind the major price search points.  So if your home would appeal and probably sell at somewhere close to $200,000, having the listing at $199,900 is better than $201,000 as it will come up in more searches.  The person searching for $200, 000 and below would never see your listing if it was at $201,000.

2. Engage the Senses

But not TOO much. Make people have that “WOW” feeling the minute they walk in the door.

You don’t need to burn your basil, rain, or lavender blend incense. But you do want to make sure there is a light and pleasant smell throughout. People love the smell of a freshly cleaned home. Don’t go crazy with the bleach or any other cleaning solution (well maybe a bit given the pandemic), the less cleaning smell the better. Add in pleasant citrus or baked good scent, these aromas are universally appealing, just don’t let them become overpowering.

As far as what people hear, keep music mild and low. Everyone has different tastes, and you don’t want to subconsciously make buyers want to leave the room.  Let the light in.

And always…. always, let the light in. Open the curtains, and the blinds and turn on a light if you have to. Dark and shadowy places are often ignored.  We look at so many houses that are almost perfect, or at least perfect for the price, but because the trees cover the windows from the outside and old, heavy grandma-ish draperies that went out with avocado and harvest gold cover the windows, the rooms seem dark, dingy and small.  Trim back the trees and shrubs for not only curb appeal but also light get rid of the heavy drapery and wash those windows.  It will make your house look cleaner, nicer and often times bigger.

3. Don’t Get Too Personal

Put away your vacation pictures and clean the paperwork off your desk. People don’t want to feel as if they are “intruding” on your space. Making them feel uncomfortable right from the get-go, isn’t the best way to sell. You want to find the balance of making the house feel “homey” without feeling too specific. Think about a catalog shoot when you are staging. You don’t have to go overboard but include some pieces of interest that aren’t excessively powerful. This will allow people to imagine themselves in the space, so make it warm and inviting.

This will also make the selling process easier for you. Putting your personal effects away will give you a head-start in leaving the place you’ve called home. Being emotionally ready to sell will make the whole process less stressful.

Some sellers get freaked out over dead things, so no dear heads over the fireplace.  We know you love to hunt, but the camo sofa has got to go.  And while we have nothing against religion, too many icons can turn people off.  Have other hobbies – collecting dolls, fishing tackle, clowns . . . box it all up and get it out of the house.

4. Throw a Party

It’s likely that the people coming to your open house have been to a few others just like it. And with COVID most are getting used to virtual open houses where there are just photos or videos or maybe a person walking through life and taking photos. Do something different, stage your house for a party, and maybe have a few close friends over for a party. Then do your video live so others can see your house in action and see how it might work for them. If you show people a good time, they will be able to envision themselves living in the home, and enjoying it just as much as you do.

Of course to hold a house open, even a virtual one, the house must be in party condition.  If it needs a lot of repairs and updates, you may or may not want to hold the home open.  If it is stinky and sticky you might not want to hold an open house.

5. Love at First Sight

People decide if they are going to buy within the first few seconds of seeing your home. It is up to you to make those first few seconds count. And because so many people are making a lot of decisions online, it’s important to make a good first impression via photos and videos all over the internet.

So make sure you have excellent photos and videos of everything.

Then folks will probably take a drive-by before they schedule an appointment. If your yard is overgrown or messy, people aren’t going to feel a welcoming vibe. Make sure your yard is well groomed and take care of some easy cosmetic fixes. (New house numbers, a mailbox refresh, or some paint touch-ups.)

You will also want to give some attention to your entry area and the places people see upon walking in. Add some flowers and make sure the lighting is on point. Don’t leave clutter around as this is often the place where shoes, backpacks, and other miscellaneous items pile up.

If you are ready to sell your KC Metro home, we can help you with our innovative approaches! Fill out this quick form and we will be in touch right away!

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