We Bought James’ House – The Typical House We Buy

We bought James house on Wayne in Kansas City

Meet James, or rather James’ House on North Wayne. He was ready to sell his house and he was reaching out to a few of the top companies on the internet that say “We Buy Houses Kansas City.” Because we are Certified Buyers and a Top 10 Cash Home Buyer and because of our A+ rating with the BBB, he decided to give us a call.

Often families call us and wonder what we are looking for in a house, so we wanted to share James’s Kansas City house. It is very typical of the type of houses we buy across the metro:

We have bought many a house that has well-loved, vintage shag carpeting. This one had the same basic brown calico print in the living room and the family room downstairs. It goes quite well with the tangerine orange wall in the living room and matches what is left behind of the antiques in a few of the other rooms.

The kitchen came complete with an avocado range and dishwasher. Because James was moving, he was in the process of cleaning, sorting, and packing. It seems that almost all of the houses we look at have stuff all over the kitchen as most sellers are in the process of sorting and packing up and the kitchen with all its flat surfaces is the perfect room. We just overlook the clutter because that is easily cleaned up.

This is the 2nd time in about 20 years we have come across this particular shade of green. This time it is in the master bedroom. Last time, in the living room next to the bright pink dining room and black entryway. We particularly like it when we find nice hardwood floors that we can work with as they always seem to refinish nicely. We may not even need to refinish these.

James called us on November 2nd wanting to learn more about us and how we buy houses in Kansas City. He was like our typical seller, he was downsizing his entire life from this big house so he could transition into living with his daughter in St Louis. He had just a few days over a month to interview buyers, accept offers, pack everything up, and most importantly, close on the day of his choice – December 13th.

  • He didn’t want to have to worry about making any updates.
  • He didn’t want to have to worry about keeping the house perfect for showings.
  • He didn’t want to have to worry about inspections or appraisals.
  • And most of all, he wanted to know that when the day came for closing, that it would close.

James had called several of the companies that buy houses in the Kansas City Metro. He had already had one of them come by to look at the house and they had provided him with an offer. The other offer expired on November 18th and he wanted our offer so that he and his attorney could review them both and pick the best one.

Scott from kcmoHomeBuyer went over to meet James and to take a look around. Based on the vintage shag carpet and 1970s Kitchen, the designer green bedroom, and a few of the other updates and upgrades needed, Scott was able to formulate a solid, cash offer. The written offer was closing on the day of James’s choice, required no further inspections, and because we were paying cash, our own cash, there were no worries about the house not appraising.

James met with his attorney on November 10th and called us to let us know that he and his attorney selected our offer over the other one. Not sure what made our’s stand out over the other. Maybe it was our offer price, maybe it was our certifications and A+ rating, or maybe he just liked Scott better.

Either way, we closed on James’s house on December 13th and he was on his way to St Louis. We stopped by the house today to discuss options for updating the kitchen and the bathroom. We were also trying to decide where to put the phone. Now, we start figuring out what to do with all those plastic storage containers, donate the furniture to a family in need, and start making this an updated Kansas City Home rather than “Vintage.”

Do you have a house you need to sell? Does it resemble this one? Wondering just what We Buy Houses Kansas City means? Or how our process works? Spend a few minutes exploring our website. When you are ready to sell or if you just have questions, reach out using one of our forms and get the process started.

Update – we got it all fixed up, check it out:

Before and after in the North Wayne House
North Wayne Before and After in the Living Room
Before and After in the North Wayne Basement.
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