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We Buy Houses in Kansas City We Bought this One Twice

We’ve been buying houses in the Kansas City Metro since 2000. While most of the houses in the early days were less than memorable, this one does stand out. We bought this bungalow at 1425 East 79th Street in Kansas City Missouri in 2004. We remember this as the house we bought and sold TWICE.

We bought this house, quite possibly as a bank foreclosure as that was where most of the houses we bought back then came from. Our team of guys worked hard to get this one renovated and pretty. We painted. We refinished the hardwood floors. We put in a brand new complete kitchen, We updated the bathrooms. We installed new carpet. We installed a new furnace and ac. It was beautiful.

We then sold this to a local landlord who was able to rent it out quite quickly. And shortly after that is where the story goes south. It seems that the renter after about 6 months could not make rent. The renter was evicted. Before a new renter could be found the house caught on fire. The insurance company paid out and with the insurance money and selling it back to us, the landlord washed his hands of the house.

We further sold this house to a new investor that was well versed in fixing fire-damaged houses. He worked hard on getting it all fixed up and was about 1/2 way through when there was the 2nd fire. This time there was not enough house left to repair, so it was torn down and the last time we drove by, it was a grassy vacant lot.

Wondering how that house on East 79th Street in Kansas City looked before it caught on fire the first time? Here are a few before and afters:

We have purchased the same house twice only two times. And as far as we know, this is the only house that has had a major fire. If you have a home with minor or major fire damage, give us a call to explore your options. We can renovate homes with minor fire damage and we have a few investor partners that know how to renovate those with more severe damage.

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