We Buy Houses On Your Specific Date

We always say that we buy houses in Kansas City and we can pay cash and we can close quickly. Great when it’s quick you want, but we wanted to share Marilyn’s Story. You see she didn’t want to close quickly, far from it. But she did want to get all of her ducks in a row and know that on December 29th, 2014 that she could go to the title company, sign some papers, and get her money and be done.

For her, it was all about being done on that exact date.

You see Marilyn was done with Kansas City. Her family and friends were in another state, a warmer state, and if memory serves a Florida State. She was ready to jump on a plane and go, but she had to wind down her life in Kansas City.

She had a plan and she was sticking to it:

First a New Home All Set

She had already secured her new place to live, she had her move-in date. It was a mostly furnished home, all setup. She just needed to pack her personal belongings and go. She did need some of the money from selling her current home to move in and the rest to live off of.

Second Find a Buyer for Her Kansas City Home

Next, she needed a buyer that would close on December 29th. For her whole plan to work, she needed a certain price and a certain date. And while December 29th was three months away, she wanted a solid buyer lined up.

Third, Figure Out What to Do with Her Stuff

Marilyn planned on heading to the airport and hopping on a plane after closing. And she was busy planning her new life in her new home and didn’t want to deal with all the stuff left in her house. She wanted to use her stuff up until the day she left and then walk out on the morning of closing and not come back. That’s where kcmoHomeBuyer came in, we told her we were fine with whatever she wanted to leave behind. Furniture, food, her aloe vera plant over the fireplace.

She took us at our word. We went to closing and she got her check. We got the keys.

She didn’t leave behind a whole heck of a lot, but there was quite a bit.

First Things We Could Use:

We went through the house to see if there was anything left behind that we could use. The good old aloe vera plant was relocated to Scott’s house. The desk in the upstairs office was relocated to Kim’s office. There were a few other odds and ends we found homes for. It seems when there are plants left behind, they almost always find a good home at one of our houses.

Second, The Estate Sale Company:

We reached out to an estate sale company, there were a few key pieces of furniture they liked, and they paid us a few bucks for all the furniture and moved it out.

If you have a house full of furniture and items, you should always reach out to an estate sale company. Sometimes there is value there to hold a sale in your house. Other times, they will do like they did here and buy key pieces from you to sell in their off-site store. And other times, they just don’t want it. If you have the time, it’s always worth it to reach out and ask. We have assembled a list of key estate sale companies here in the metro as a resource.

Third, Donations

There was also unopened food in the pantry and toiletries in the bath. All were boxed up and donated, along with left-behind clothing and household goods like sheets and towels. We like to donate what we can to help other people out. Often, we will donate the furniture as well if the estate sale companies don’t want it.

We often donate to the nearby thrift store, like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity REStore, or a local church. We have included a few donation help websites on our estate sale resource.

We have purchased many houses since Marilyn’s over on Campbell in Kansas City back in 2014. We have had other similar situations where the seller had a plan and needed their home sold on a particular date. There was the family that had their RV packed and ready to roll after handing over the keys. And just last week we bought Frances’ house on Friday so she could move into her new assisted living home over the weekend. If you have a particular date in mind and you don’t want to deal with estate sales, donations, clean out, and repairs, fill out the form and tell us about your house below. We can take a look and give you an offer, then you know where you stand and can make your plans.


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