We Buy Houses Kansas City but it Does Not Have to Be Ugly or in Kansas City

We Buy Houses Signs

You drive down the street and you see signs that shout “We Buy Houses!” They might be on a giant Bill Board in which case, more often than not, it might include the word “UGLY” or here in Kansas City “MAX”. Then again they might be on a little yellow sign that you have to drive past several times to see what it says. The whole goal is to attract the attention of someone who wants to sell a house and who would rather call a phone number on a sign to see what they might get for it overselling it in the traditional manner of putting a for sale by owner sign in their yard or calling the local real estate agent to sell it for them.

Here at kcmoHomeBuyer, we have tried signs like this, but we don’t have the budget for the big billboards, we would rather pay more to our sellers. And as for the little yellow signs, they sure look like litter to us, trashing up the roadsides, so we don’t put them up.

Does it Have to be Ugly?

So what kind of houses do the people behind these signs want to buy? Would they perhaps want the cute 1950’s ranch that while all original is very well maintained and far from ugly? Or would they want a house that was built in 2000 and is just a bit lived in?

The people behind these signs are looking for all kinds of houses where there is room to earn a profit by doing something to make it better: clean it out, clean it up, make some repairs, make some updates, or complete a whole house remodel.

Here at kcmoHomeBuyer, just about any house that is over 10 years old is a candidate. We’ve bought newer houses and we’ve bought 100-year-old houses. Our sweet spot is anything built ideally after 1950 and before 2010.

Can I Sell My House if it is Super Ugly?

What if my house is like the photo at the top of this page? With cabinets from 1950 that have almost all the finish worn off and they are falling apart. With laminate counters that are cracked and peeling. The linoleum from back in the day is so worn out that not only can you see the wood subfloor through it, but there is a wear pattern. And those stacked wall ovens from 1950, you can’t replace them, nothing is going to fit in that hole.

Boy is that one horrendous kitchen and just imagine the smell that goes with it.

Yep, we love those houses and we bought the house that goes with that kitchen. We’ve bought houses with bathrooms in similar condition. We even had one where the plumbing of the icky, ugly bathroom on the 2nd floor was leaking into the really icky kitchen sink down below – YUCKO. But we bought it and with a lot of hard work, renovated it and made it new again.

What if I want to Sell My House Fast Kansas City

Well, we type it weird so Google will show you this article when you search those keywords.

But if you want to sell your house fast and it is in Kansas City or anywhere in the metro area really, we can help you with that. We have our own cash funds as well as the funds from several of our investor partners which allows us to buy most houses within about 10 days to 2 weeks.

Will You be the Best Offer KC

Will we be the highest offer? Sometimes when we have competition making offers on the same house, we are the highest. Sometimes we are not. But we like to think our offer is the best . . . . let me explain.

There are a lot of people out there that say they buy houses. Instead, they are going to talk with you, and write a contract to buy your house. And then . . . set about finding someone to buy your house from them. They are not going to pay you for your house until they find someone who will pay them first. If they can’t find someone to buy your house from them, they will either try to lower their offer price or just vanish leaving you with no one to buy your house. Not a good thing if you are on a timeline.

We have had several people we have made offers to decide on the higher offer from our competitor . . . then we get a mass email from the competitor trying to sell the house . . then we get a phone call from the homeowner wanting to see if our offer is still good because our competitor could not get the job done.

Now, we do have some great competitors who can and do close, but we have a few who can’t

There must be a reason we have been on the top 10 list for cash buyers in Kansas City for a VERY long time.

Give us a Call When You Have a House to Sell Kansas City

If you have a house to sell. Ugly and stinky or maybe in pretty decent shape, give us a call. We can offer you several options from an all-cash offer closing on the day of your choice as well as a quick sale listing option where we put on our real estate agent hats and list it through our brokerage at Realty Resource. Both will get the job done with the least amount of work on your part, no matter how pretty or how ugly. Get started by filling out one of our forms and we will give you a call to discuss your situation and set up a time to come see your house.


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