We Recently Bought a Package of Rental Properties

The Overland Park Rental Property Package we Purchased.

Not only do we buy houses across the Kansas City metro area, as in individual houses. We also buy multi-family and recently purchased this package of rental properties.

We often get calls from sellers who own, occupied, cash-flowing rental property. They want to sell, but they don’t want to clue the renters in on the whole transaction for fear the renters will jump ship and leave. So listing with a real estate agent is often not an option as they want to put a sign in the yard, market the houses all over the internet for all to see, and have all kinds of buyers walking through the houses. Renters tend to get a little upset with this and understandably so.

That’s why this property owner turned to us. He had a large portfolio of rental properties across the metro and he wanted to sell off a few of his single-family rentals to free up cash and time to focus on his multi-family properties. He had already tried to sell this package to one of our competitors who could not quite get the deal done. He called us with some very specific pricing and contract requirements. We were able to meet his price and his requirements, and we closed on this a few weeks ago.

If you have a package of rental property you want to sell, we can help. We have cash and we also have partners, so no matter what you have, if it’s in the Kansas City metro, we can get it done. Get started by filling out one of the forms here on our site.

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