Which We Buy Houses Company to Choose in Kansas City

Photo of a kitchen in a house Don Tucker Rehabbed on North Myrtle in Kansas City Missouri
A house we renovated on North Myrtle in Kansas City Missouri.

Wondering Which We Buy Houses Company to Choose?

You: “I need to sell my house in Kansas City fast . . . . ” What’s the first thing you do, well after trying to figure out another option, you probably jump on Google and type in “House Buyers in Kansas City.” Google is going to give you a ton of options for all sorts of companies that want to buy your house. You might be in a situation that is deemed a “motivating factor” so you might be on a list somewhere and getting a lot of postcards and letters or worse texts, robo calls and calls from people with very broken English. They all claim that they are “Cash Buyers” or that they can “Close in 10 Days!” I know it’s overwhelming. How do you decide which “fast cash home buyer” to buy your house? Heck, how does it all work?

There are a lot of companies in Kansas City that are all above board and totally legitimate that do buy houses with cash. But with that said, many are totally brand new and have no idea what they are doing and have been taught it’s totally ok to make you a cash offer when they have no plans to actually buy your house and have no cash to back up their offer. They are just saying these things so you will invite them to your house to make an offer or worse allow them to make an offer sight unseen.

There are few things that you need to know about when deciding which “we buy houses company” to work with:

  • High pressure to sign the contract – the offer is only good today.
  • No plans or cash to actually buy your house.
  • Sight unseen, virtual offers.

High Pressure To Sign a Real Estate Contract TODAY

If a buyer visits your home and pressures you to sign right now . . . that the offer is only good while they are there in front of you . . . and that somehow they would not want to buy it at that price tomorrow . . . then you just need to show them the door. We actually encourage our buyers to read our offer, take the time to understand what it says. To consult with friends, family, or even their attorney.

Heck if you want to see what you might get with a traditional Realtor Listing, well we are agents and could help you with that, but more often we would refer you to agents who know and work in your area. Then you can compare your options and choose the best option for you and your situation.

Do keep in mind that markets change, so if you wait too long, yes the offer might change. But you do deserve the respect of time to review the offer and we know you are not stupid. We buy houses, so if we make an offer today, why would it change all that much by next week? Unless of course they only have the cash to buy one house. We have the cash in the bank ready to go to buy a couple of houses a month. But when that cash is all tied up in houses, we have several private partners with cash in the bank waiting for us to use on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th houses. I don’t think we’ve ever actually had 5 houses at once but in theory, we could buy them.

And note we made an offer on a house once and the home seller vanished. Her phone number stopped working, her emails came back and when we knocked on the door, she was not there. A full two years later she called us back to find out if we still wanted to buy her house and if our offer was still good. We did, it was, and we purchased it about a week later.

So remember, get our offer, review it, sleep on it, compare it to a Realtor listing if you like, and choose the best option that works for you. No pressure!

No Plans or Cash to Actually Buy Your House

There are a lot of get rich quick, newbie buyers being sold a bill of goods out there. They are being told that they can call you up, tie up your house with a contract to purchase cash, and then go shop that contract with legitimate cash buyers. Which does sometimes work, but more often than not, they don’t find that elusive end buyer. So because they don’t have the cash, they either back out at the last minute or come back and ask to lower the price. Great for them, but it kinda sucks for you.

So you do need to do your homework on who you let into your house and make sure they are legitimate cash buyers, have the experience to solve problems, and have the cash to back up their offer.

Sight Unseen Virtual Offers

The rise and fall of the iBuyer started just before COVID and pretty much ended during COVID with Zillow and Offerpad making virtual offers on the internet based on a couple of photos. That’s when a lot of out of state investors decided that they should try it too! There are two different models:

Websites: They have websites where you submit your property and a couple of photos.

Cold Calls: Or they find you on a list somewhere, skip trace to find your phone number, and call you to see if you want to sell.

They make an offer on your house, mostly based on what you are asking for the house. You get to sell your house fast for the price you want!! GREAT!!

But not so fast. Then they find someone to actually come walk through your house take photos and assess the house. (All the things that we do before we make you an offer.) Then they crunch their numbers and call you up with a revised offer. This revised offer might take a few days to even a few weeks. And it may or may not work for you, especially after you had made plans based on the original offer and the original closing date.

How Do I pick a Good “We Buy Houses in Kansas City Company”

Ok, now I know what to avoid with a “fast cash home buyer”, but what do I look for when seeking a good one?

We are glad you asked as this is a great question!

Really, a legitimate house buyer is fairly easy to pick out of the crowd. Go with your gut as you browse their website. If it just feels wrong or if it just feels right, it probably is.

  • Are there any pictures of the people who own the business, do they even share their name?
  • Do they have a phone number you can call? Do they answer it?
  • Do they have an about us page that tells you about them? Or their company?
  • Do they have testimonials from satisfied customers?
  • Do they have photos of houses they have purchased and rehabbed?
House that we purchased & renovated on Wayne in Kansas City Missouri.
House that we rehabbed on N Wayne in Kansas City Missouri.

One way to get proof is to ask them to show you a few before and after photos of a few houses. It’s easy to grab a photo of a house that you may not own. It’s much harder to fake before and after photos, especially if they have a few “during renovation” photos or videos to share. So if that fast cash home buyer can’t show you any proof that they have actually purchased a house or two, find out why.

What Reputable Kansas City Metro Home Buyers Can Do

  • Buy your home quickly when the seller urgently needs to sell to get cash: it may be that a seller has a sudden expense and selling a home is the answer either for a medical bill, to move into assisted living, or to buy a new home. We make this possible with our fair cash offers in Kansas City.
  • Helping homeowners and landlords get rid of problem properties they don’t want. There is nothing worse than the noose of unwanted property, except maybe a vacant unwanted property that needs repair. The neighbors are on you to take care of the problem, maybe the city is too. We can take care of that problem property in a few weeks.
  • We provide jobs: When we renovate a house, we employ all kinds of local small businesses: estate sale companies, trash haulers, painters, roofers, HVAC professionals, electricians, plumbers, and more. Selling to us keeps the profits local.
  • We do it right the first time: When we renovate a home we make sure to do it correctly. We fix what needs to be fixed and then we make them look pretty. This increases the value of our home and that of the surrounding homes.

How to Ensure You Are Working with a Reputable Local Home Buyer

As it is super important that you are working with reputable local cash buyers, we have a few last tips. Talk to them and ask questions. Find out how they answer, not only in what they have to say but how they say it. One of the best indications that you will have is your gut, remember it’s usually right. You will know if it just feels like a house-buying scam. So when you reach out to a local “we buy houses in KC companies” . . . don’t be afraid to ask questions and do expect to get answers!


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